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Posted - Aug 19 2018 :  12:02:08 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
So we could use some advice. Here's my new milking area on our old farm.

This photo is from when things were still a work in progress. The stanchion lives in an addition to the original barn, which isn't much of a barn anymore. When we were trying to decide what we should do we realized the original wood floor in this area was 3/4" tongue and groove fir like our flooring in the house. Since we are looking to add on to our house and 3/4" flooring isn't the best for holding cows we decided to salvage the 3/4" and use the 2" x 12" rough doug fir planks we were using on our corrals for the floor instead. The problem is that we have had some crazy times that have required the hose and I would like to seal the planks without making them too slippery for Elli.

Does anyone have experience with a sealer that would work for wood that would make it easy to hose off? I thought about marine sealer, but I think that would be too slippery even if I add sand to it. Thoughts?


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Posted - Aug 20 2018 :  12:07:49 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
cute milking area! i too went immediately to the "sand" add-in as it is the best for gripping. know that with that little grip it will also, most likely, grab on to manure and stuff and make hosing/cleaning not as easy. not super bad, but i would think just enough to be annoying.

could you find some porch paint? tons of old houses have painted porches, so it is weather proof and has a bit of grip to it. i dont have any other advice than to make sure whatever you use is made for a flexible surface such as wood, versus concrete. that itty bitty unnoticeable give that wood is lovely for, as well as the shrink/expand movement due to weather/seasons, will not work well with many paints as they aren't as flexible.

can't wait to see what you end up with!

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Posted - Aug 20 2018 :  8:20:45 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I hadn't considered paint, Cindy. I'll see what's out there. The wood is already rough lumber, so stuff gets stuck in it as is, so the sand wouldn't really change much there.

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Posted - Aug 20 2018 :  8:56:03 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Be sure to post photos of what you end up doing! I'd like to see the final result and know what you think of it.

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Posted - Aug 20 2018 :  11:22:03 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
What a cute little area you have there!!

As for the flooring, you could seal the wood and then put down a few rubber drainage mats to prevent slipping. Similar to stall mats but lighter in weight as they have drain holes. If your cow should poo or pee you can take them out and hose them off.

Here is a link to what I am referring to.

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Posted - Aug 21 2018 :  04:14:40 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Keeley, I like your milking station. I'm not really informed on products for non-slip floors. I like the mat idea. Like Darla said, perhaps you could seal the wood and then put the mats down and hose them off if needed. Protects the floor and easier and safer for the cows also.

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