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T O P I C    R E V I E W
maryjane Posted - Oct 31 2014 : 5:07:34 PM
Semen from MJF Tumbleweed Samson Butters (born 4/11/2011, A2A2, heterozygous polled) is finally ready for your AI endeavors. For all of you who have waited and asked repeatedly, I thank you for your patience. You’ll find ordering/pricing information at the bottom of this post.

One of the reasons it took so long to harvest this magnificent bull is because I wanted to offer his semen as CSS certified, which means he was tested for seven different diseases prior to transportation, tested again once he arrived at the Genex facility, held in containment for 30 days, tested again, harvested, and then tested again before transportation back to our farm in Idaho.

On his way to and from Genex (a 1,200 mile round trip traveled twice), Samson had enough room that he could turn around and lay down in his trailer but not enough room that he wasn’t quickly contained by padded walls should we stop suddenly. At all times his health was monitored from our dashboard via a camera above his head.

Genex facility and collection procedures:

Why is CSS certified so important to me? Why buy semen from a bull that has undergone such rigorous testing? CSS certified is an inspection service engaged in the processing of livestock semen. Strict standards and rules assure the authenticity of the semen. Protocols are in place to protect the end user regarding the handling, labeling, and identification of the semen. Sanitary conditions and requirements for the addition of appropriate additives and extenders added to the semen control specific undesirable microorganisms. The CSS requirements represent a standard for those diseases proven to be a significant threat seminally transmitted by AI. It also dictates standards for general welfare, watering, veterinary, professional care, and seminal collection. It provides uniform standards for monitoring AI industry management practices and provides evidence that the facility is concerned with animal welfare. It also meant Samson wasn’t going to bring diseases picked up during harvesting home to my herd. Often a bull is harvested only once, creating a discard mentality.

Once Samson was back home, and within a week after his arrival, he successfully impregnated through live mount for the second time my miniature Jersey, Etta Jane (born 1/25/2012, height 39.5 inches at the withers, A1A1, H/H). Birth photos of her previous Samson calf (a heifer, Lacy Lou, A1A2, Pf/H) can be found here. A current photo of Lacy Lou can be found here. Samson’s other calf born at our farm (Sir Anthony) to a mid-size cow can be found here. The number of calves sired by Samson before he came to live with us in Idaho on 8/29/2013 is nine. All of his offspring are healthy and were born without difficulty. Even though there is a genetic test for the most common form of chondrodysplasia (dwarfism), a condition that shows up in miniature Jerseys, his mid-size stature is insurance against this defect. Samson is 49 inches tall at the withers and weighs 1,043 pounds. (See measurement standards here.) He is polled (heterozygous), Pf/H. I also think it’s wise—and the technician at Genex confirmed this—to harvest semen from bulls that are close to or beyond three years of age so there is a birth history on them and genetic problems will have had a chance to show up.

Further genetic testing on Samson also confirmed that his Kappa Casein is A/A (the A genotype is associated with higher milk production) and his Beta Lactoglobulin is B/B (the B variant is associated with increased casein and fat content and is favorable for cheese production).

This is a photo of Samson as a young calf next to his mother.

(Sorry, she's no longer alive and this is the only photo that was taken by her owner who said she was a fantastic producer--several gallons/day--and never once had mastitis and that she was easy to milk by hand or machine.)

This is a photo of his father.

When I picked Samson up, the manager of the Genex facility remarked, “Every now and then we get what we call a ‘dreamboat bull.’ Samson was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was always accommodating and never aggressive—great disposition. Because of his exceptional fertility, we could have put aside 5,000 straws on this guy.” In an earlier email from her she said, “I want to let you know that we began collections on Samson. He did great the first day. He had a high libido, and served the AV well. Additionally, his semen quality looked excellent, and I was able to freeze 164 units. That has been evaluated for a post thaw motility, and also passes.”

It should be noted that when I first approached Genex about the possibility of bringing Samson to them for collection, they told me they don’t take dairy bulls because they can be so difficult to collect. In the end, we were both glad I talked them into it.

Samson’s semen is $85/straw. Heritage Jersey Organization members receive a 20% discount ($68/straw). Heritage Jersey Organization members with one HJO registered animal receive a 40% discount ($51/straw). Heritage Jersey Organization members with two or more HJO registered animals receive a 60% discount ($34/straw).

Click here to purchase MJF Tumbleweed Samson Butters A2A2 polled semen. Once we’ve received your payment, I will contact you regarding shipping details. At that time, any discounts you have coming to you will be applied toward the approximately $100-$130 charge for shipping the semen (container rental, carrier charges to your location, and return shipping on the container). If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me at 208-882-0307.

25   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Reverence Posted - Jun 02 2016 : 09:56:19 AM
Very handsome boys!
Sydney2015 Posted - Jun 02 2016 : 09:17:31 AM
They both look gorgeous!!
txbikergirl Posted - Jun 02 2016 : 06:38:39 AM
gorgeous! lovely guys maryjane. i am so grateful you are doing this as once we recover from the family reunion (last two guests moved on to my parents house last night) then we'll be organizing our AI and semen purchase.

NellieBelle Posted - Jun 02 2016 : 06:35:15 AM
Both grand looking bulls MaryJane. And Samson's photo is worthy of a frame. Yes Regal is a good description, it really does look like a painting. What a joy it would be to stand and watch them, nice way to spend the evening walk about. Thank you for posting their photos.
maryjane Posted - Jun 02 2016 : 06:09:02 AM
Here's a Samson photo update taken yesterday, 6/2/2016 (he recently turned 5 years old). Handsome indeed and just an all around nice guy. I put our youngest bull, Finnegan, in with Samson and Charlie recently. On the second day, Finnegan still hadn't figure out the BarBarA waterer. I watched Samson push the paddle down and stand back while Finnegan drank, and then he did that two more times. It reminded me of those videos of bears teaching their young ones how to swim or something. Pretty sweet.

And an updated photo of Charlie. At 2 1/2 years of age, he's still a tad smaller than Samson but sometimes when they're in the field together it's hard to tell them apart from a distance. Nick and I were admiring them both the other night (our evening walk around) when Charlie came huffing over to show off. Eventually we were rubbing his head all over and he was actually whimpering (we were on the other side of the gate). Samson has always been more regal and stand-offish but bravado Charlie does miss the attention we gave him when he was young (not a good idea as it turns out).

Anyway, nice genetics guys!

Sydney2015 Posted - Feb 10 2016 : 12:44:51 PM
Thanks! You have to start somewhere.
CloversMum Posted - Feb 10 2016 : 11:42:22 AM
Well, even if AppleButter doesn't have the best genetics, Samson will help with that! We have no idea what sort of genetics Clover has and we bred her to Beau Vine. We take what we have and strive to make better through careful breeding. :) You'll do great!
Sydney2015 Posted - Feb 10 2016 : 11:12:28 AM
Okay, MaryJane, I figured you didn't, but it doesn't hurt to ask! Charlene, I agree on the beautiful part, maybe not the good genetics on the AppleButter side of the equation.
CloversMum Posted - Feb 10 2016 : 09:03:34 AM
Samson + AppleButter = some very beautiful calves with some great genetics!
maryjane Posted - Feb 10 2016 : 06:42:07 AM
We don't have sexed semen.
Sydney2015 Posted - Feb 10 2016 : 06:34:08 AM
I think so too. One last question, do you have any sexed semen. It is perfectly fine if you don't but I would love to get a heifer calf!
maryjane Posted - Feb 09 2016 : 9:21:07 PM
We sure do, Sydney. I think Samson would be a good match for AppleButter.
Sydney2015 Posted - Feb 09 2016 : 8:40:44 PM
MaryJane, do you still have any semen available?
maryjane Posted - Jun 12 2015 : 06:05:04 AM
I did not register Samson anywhere but here. I have only one cow registered elsewhere and it is Fanci who came to me with a registration certificate from the American Jersey Cattle Association.
wimofarms Posted - Jun 11 2015 : 10:51:40 PM
Hello MaryJane - I know this is an old post and I'm not sure this is a politically correct question to ask, but is Samson also registered with the USJA? I haven't registered my girls with the Heritage registry yet, but I LOVE the idea of it and of promoting an "old style" animal. We have a very small raw dairy in Northern Colorado.

Ron Posted - Nov 07 2014 : 4:28:49 PM
Lol, I thought that was 1%. Another scam. To me it would be like getting bread with no crust or eggs with no yokes!
Jersey James Posted - Nov 07 2014 : 3:58:24 PM
It's called "reduced fat" milk down here. =)
Ron Posted - Nov 07 2014 : 3:48:04 PM
Hi Mike, have not seen you in a spell. I love stories of the old timers. So many of them here in Glad Valley. I hear this used to be a dairy producing area up till the end of the fifties. They tell me stories about putting the cream cans by the side of the road and the dairy guy would pick them up. The skim milk they fed to hogs and so on.
Funny thing about skim milk. A marketing genius thought of that one. Take a product with little to no value and make the consumer think it is good for it and they buy it!
Mike Posted - Nov 07 2014 : 3:37:58 PM
When Korczak Ziolkowski started building Crazy Horse he wanted milk for his children. There were no dairies in the Black Hills so he started one. When I worked for him in the early seventies he had closed it but told me the story. He was a wonderful man and had LOTS of stories. Great sculptor. He taught me a lot. Rest his soul.

God bless.

Ron Posted - Nov 02 2014 : 5:44:20 PM
Sure wish you were closer. Would douse you guys with milk. Keep getting people stopping for milk all the time here. Tell then we don't sell milk but give them a gallon of half as a gift. Before you know it all sorts of stuff starts showing up here, cake, hay, parts, lol...the way it should be. I really need another cow or two. Could sell a cow a month up here if I had them. No one in my area is breeding quality milk cows!
CloversMum Posted - Nov 02 2014 : 5:17:46 PM
Well, Ron, I am turning into a raw milk-aholic so cannot wait until Clover starts giving us milk, too! Then I will definitely be a milk cow-aholic, too.
Ron Posted - Nov 02 2014 : 4:58:55 PM
I love the Guernsey breed! I love the Jersey breed! I am a milk cow aholic. Still waiting for the right Jersey girl to come into my life!
CloversMum Posted - Nov 02 2014 : 4:25:11 PM
Well, yes, Ron the black sheep, there are always the exception! :-) Although looking at Samson and MaryJane's other cows, how can you not want some Jerseys? I will have to admit, Ron, that seeing photos of your cows makes me wonder if someday I'd like a Guernsey...
Jersey James Posted - Nov 01 2014 : 5:34:22 PM
Thanks CLoversMum. It is a great age. Feel free to come down and enjoy our grass! We are actually supposed to be 39 degrees in the AM. Maka and I went out and gathered 3 wheelbarrows of wood for the fire tomorrow morning! Stay warm!
Ron Posted - Nov 01 2014 : 5:29:34 PM
And some of us black sheep who don't have Charlene! Hope you had a good day.