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T O P I C    R E V I E W
CloversMum Posted - Jul 08 2015 : 11:54:35 AM
Had to share my newest view of Clover!
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CloversMum Posted - Jan 11 2016 : 09:37:49 AM
Also, wanted to add that since we've upped Clover's daily dairy pellets (from Modesto Mills) her production has increased by a half gallon, quite consistently. So pleased and thankful!
CloversMum Posted - Jan 11 2016 : 09:34:41 AM
And Clover wishes everyone a good day!

CloversMum Posted - Dec 29 2015 : 10:18:00 PM
Thank you, Keeley! That is exactly what I'm finding. What a delightful discovery. Between Elli, Sally O'Malley, and Clover I'm learning! And yes, that cream is truly a lovely reward.
farmlife Posted - Dec 29 2015 : 6:54:56 PM
I found the same thing with Elli, Charlene. After Gus was weaned it took so much less time to make butter and we got so much more cream. Even now in winter's cold grip, the top 3 inches of the milk are cream consistently. I could see her holding back, so I was expecting there to be more milk, but the cream was a lovely reward.
CloversMum Posted - Dec 26 2015 : 10:20:53 PM
Thank you, Cindy. It is nice to know I'm not just imagining things ... we are enjoying some amazing cream right now. But not like you with your cream separator! Wow, a third of your milk is cream! Amazing, these Jerseys, aren't they? Do you still like the rest of the milk once the cream is taken off?
txbikergirl Posted - Dec 26 2015 : 4:37:25 PM
charlene, our cream is up as well - and i thought i might get less in the winter too. so i suppose it is mostly getting the calf off so nothing is held back. we are also finding now that if we use the cream separator about 1/3 of the milk is cream, which is absolutely lovely. i still need to post all about the cream separator in that thread, but i'll get to that post christmas.

happy milking!
CloversMum Posted - Dec 26 2015 : 08:42:29 AM
We've not changed her diet in the last month ... the only change has been the weaning of Humble and our cream is so incredibly thick. She has stayed on Chaffhaye, Modesto Mills dairy pellets, and grass hay. She still gets her minerals and supplements.

I thought as we are in the middle of winter, more of Clover's calories would be going to keep her warm ... but she is making delicious cream in addition!

Cecily replaces my Cuisinart from time to time ... she will shake a jar forever and get the best lump of butter ever!

maryjane Posted - Dec 24 2015 : 8:21:11 PM
Genetics of course has something to do with it; she's a Jersey! Also, in my experience, diet plays an important part in the cream equation.
CloversMum Posted - Dec 24 2015 : 08:12:28 AM
Since we've weaned Humble, we are getting more and more cream! Thick cream, too! Does this normally happen after you wean a calf? Is she just finally giving us all of it and not holding back ... is that what is happening?

The butter I made yesterday was incredibly easy since the cream was so thick. The Cuisinart didn't leak once! I think it leaked before because the cream wasn't as thick...I mean, this right now is so thick that I could easily take a knife and spread it on a slice of bread, before it turns into butter!
CloversMum Posted - Dec 20 2015 : 6:28:43 PM
txbikergirl Posted - Dec 19 2015 : 6:23:54 PM
charlene it really sounds like it has come together for y'all on your farm. nice to hear.
NellieBelle Posted - Dec 19 2015 : 12:58:03 PM
Hurray for you Charlene! Enjoy! :)
CloversMum Posted - Dec 19 2015 : 12:10:17 PM
Glorious day! After supplying our few customers with their milk, we still have 1 1/2 gallons of milk for us!! And, I made a batch of yogurt yesterday. So much fun.
CloversMum Posted - Dec 17 2015 : 10:33:50 AM
We are really happy with our Clover. She has been a good cow for us to learn all things cows!

I'm incredibly thankful for my son. Actually, it is more like I help him! He's more and more in charge of the cows. I support, research, wash cow laundry and milk equipment, and work with the cows a bit. His goal is to have his own farm (use our place) and we are doing our best to support him and get him going. Oh, and I get to be in charge of the milk once he milks. We make a pretty good team. So far I can't get him to milk goats! Lol. Those cows all are quite attached to him as well.

Clover follows him and moos as soon as she sees him drive up the driveway.

My finger is improving. Tendons take forever to heal but hopefully by goat kidding season I'll be able to milk again. Us farmers just need our hands to work!
Andrea0509 Posted - Dec 17 2015 : 10:09:32 AM
Hoping your finger improves soon Charlene! That's great that you have your son's help though, and also nice that you can hand milk Clover when needed. She sounds like such a sweet well behaved girl. And 2 gallons again, how nice!!
CloversMum Posted - Dec 16 2015 : 8:22:42 PM
And, we have almost a repeat tonight. Sweet Clover gave us just under 2 gallons. Our outside temperatures are plummeting tonight so for some reason our power cords weren't working very well, which in turn, made the EZ milker not want to power up. My dear son hand-milked Clover! (My finger injury still makes milking impossible currently.) It took him quite a while to milk but Clover was incredibly patient with him the entire time! What a good cow.

Halleluiah and Amen!
txbikergirl Posted - Dec 16 2015 : 12:35:35 PM
CloversMum Posted - Dec 15 2015 : 8:16:49 PM
Is it appropriate to hum the Halleluiah chorus when you get an abundance of milk?? Actually, I just wanted to shout, "Halleluiah" when Ethan called on his cell phone to ask for a second milk bucket to be brought to the milking shed!

Clover was separated from Betsy and Humble for the past 24 hours ... was dramatic about it but is improving. Tonight she gave us 2 1/4 gallons of sweet, fresh Jersey milk!! Halleluiah! Her teats are significantly improved, as well. See how well Dr. Sarah's Essentials work ... one only has to order them and you can see an improvement! No application necessary. Just. Kidding.

I watched the pasteurizer like a hawk tonight and the milk was processed perfectly. I hope this is a continuing trend as I really, really like it! :-)

Just one more time ... Halleluiah!
CloversMum Posted - Dec 15 2015 : 1:15:42 PM
Today Clover is putting all of her energy into her mooing ... that girl is such a vocal one. She was quiet for a bit and then Ethan came home for lunch. She saw her person. Oh. My. Did I mention she was mooing??

Humble is hanging out with Tony and they seem to have realized that the other is not of the female variety ... no nursing or mounting needed. We are watching Humble closely, especially after reading about weaning in your book, MJ. It is, indeed, a time to be careful and make sure Humble handles it well. He is so well fed, filled out, and healthy; but, we know weaning can be a stressful time and cause issues. He and Tony were eating quite well together, we'll keep on eye on things.

maryjane Posted - Dec 15 2015 : 08:42:38 AM
I watched Finnegan this morning stuff his face with some timothy hay--huge grabs of hay that he chewed up and swallowed. He's only a month old. But when they're young they can't compete. They have to eat in a separate room.
CloversMum Posted - Dec 14 2015 : 9:25:07 PM
Tonight Clover's teats looked better already. Humble is on the fast track to being completely weaned. But he was only nursing once a day for the past several days. He likes his Chaffhaye, too.
txbikergirl Posted - Dec 14 2015 : 4:59:26 PM
charlene, welcome to my world! it seemed like everything was going great and then BAM!! all of a sudden teat owies were popping up. i can tell you that just two days reduced them to really poor shape for sally, but then after addressing the issue and ratcheting up my care as well as limiting nursing two days really improved them.

so the only thing i have to add is i realize now even a half a day can make a huge difference in addressing a livestock issue. i haven't been remiss before in addressing anything, but it is nice to be reminded to keep me bright eyed and bushy tailed with the health of my girls.
CloversMum Posted - Dec 13 2015 : 7:48:19 PM
Okay, we will separate Clover from Betsy to see if it makes a difference. Three of the four teats are beat up and the one that Humble usually nurses on is still looking all right.

We are testing every day for any signs of mastitis and so far, all is clear.

maryjane Posted - Dec 13 2015 : 7:26:22 PM
Is there any way you can put her somewhere other than with Betsy for now while you concentrate on weaning? I'm thinking it's likely since Betsy was after her before and now that Clover has milk, it's even better. I've just never had that problem before so I can't be of much help other than I wouldn't chance it. Weird. Seems like it would make Clover more susceptible to mastitis.
CloversMum Posted - Dec 13 2015 : 7:14:04 PM
And the plot thickens ... tonight when Ethan milked Clover he said that three of her four teats were looking pretty tough. Humble has limited time nursing now, so we need to figure out how Clover is getting her teats so beat up. Then the thought occurred to me, could Betsy be possibly still trying to nurse? When we separate Clover from Humble, she goes into the same pasture as Betsy. I've not seen any strange nursing problem, so perhaps I'm completely wrong. Other ideas? That particular pasture doesn't seem to have any strange plants or grasses but I could be wrong.

Off to order some of Dr. Sarah's essential Protect-Her salve that Cindy has talked about.