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 Cow and Calf for sale in Wyoming
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Posted - Jul 28 2020 :  09:51:19 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
We are sad to announce that we must start to slowly liquidate most of our livestock in preparation of a move to a larger farm in Eastern Canada from our home here in the Jackson Hole area of Wyoming. We have a lovely Jersey cow A2a2 named Daisy who is registered with Heritage Jersey Organization(#HJ076) who was born in Meteetsee WY on 3 march 2017. She has had 2 uneventful births, the most recent being a heifer calf born 28 April 2020 who we have named Lilly. Lily is thriving on milk and has started to eat our local grass and grass hay. She has beginning nubbins. We believe Daisy is polled but Daisy’s AI sire was not, obviously. Daisy is in milk with the calf taking the entire amount currently because of my temporary health disability issues. I milked her for 6 months after her first calf and she behaved well after initial training inside of Mary Jane’s nifty gate design and a head stanchion. Early on we hobbled her to milk with our Easy Milker but later on this was not necessary. Daisy has a halter and respects fences. We have a single wire electric as well as solid rail fences. She has had zero health issues and has been Bangs vaccinated. I vaccinated her with Clostridium this spring but have not given any vaccine to Lilly as of yet. Daisy is very affectionate with me and loves brush grooming and lots of neck scratching as does Lilly. Daisy is vocal if there is something she needs like food or water or her calf near her. She is an exceedingly good mother with the two calves she has birthed. We want to sell her in milk with her calf if possible because we normally like to leave the calf with mom at least until 4 months of age. Our offering price is $3000 for both animals. I paid $1600 for Daisy as an 8 month old heifer. We feed both animals our own grass hay(brome, timothy, orchard) with some purchased alfalfa and orchard grass along with Chaffhaye, kelp meal and other minerals like HCO3 and organic apple vinegar free choice. Daisy had a hoof trim a year ago. Daisy is mid sized and has put out normal milk production for a cow of her proportions. Last year we shared the milk with her calf and milked her in the evenings with about 1-2 gallons left over for our family which diminished as the calf grew of course. She milks from all 4 quadrants with 3 equal teats and a 4th with somewhat less. We followed MJ’s Heritage Jersey protocols and have never had mastitis. Our email is and phone is 307 203-2109.

Daisy, our Jersey
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Posted - Jul 28 2020 :  11:52:27 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Such a lovely write-up Hugh. I hope someone gives Daisy and Lily a good home.

MaryJane Butters, author of Milk Cow Kitchen ~ striving for the stoicism of a cow standing in the rain ~
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