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 SOLD 10/24/17 Cow FOR SALE
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Posted - Sep 16 2017 :  4:56:19 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I am pleased to offer a Jersey cow for sale. Years of careful breeding went into the creation of Lacy Lou. The decision to sell her isn’t easy but I have a new crop of heifers that need training and a resident bull for keeping up our supply of dairy products going forward.

Lacy Lou:

And Lacy Lou when she was 9 months pregnant:

Lacy Lou is a 3-year-old cow (dob 8/15/14) who has calved once, giving me the bull, Ian, that I’m using currently in my breeding program

Lacy Lou with baby Ian:

A trained milker, she has been dried off and is pregnant (with a bull--confirmed via ultrasound at WSU), due Feb. 17 (possibly March 10).

Unlike some miniatures, Lacy Lou has the perfect body to leg ratio. In other words, even though she’s short with a petite body build, her legs are long enough to allow for easy access beneath her for milking. Her udder is perfect in every way and so are her teats. Her back teats are only slightly smaller than her front teats, all four of them the perfect size for both hand and machine milking.

Also, the size of her teat orifices in all four is perfect with excellent milk flow. When I dried her off recently (I am in Idaho’s raw milk program and can have only three cows giving milk at one time), she was giving me 2 ½ gallons once/day milking. For her size, she’s an extremely productive cow. At her peak, she regularly gave us 3 gallons/day with plenty of cream on top. She’s never had mastitis and is current on all her vaccines, including Bang’s properly administered before one year of age. My herd is TB, Q fever, BVD, BLV, Johne’s and Trich free. I’m happy to run a blood draw to confirm her pregnancy as well as run a current test on the above-mentioned diseases. She is heterozygous polled and A1/A2. Her current height is 41 inches at the withers. Lacy Lou is fully halter trained and easy to approach/lead and trailers very well. She’s registered with the Heritage Jersey Organization.

Here is a photo of her being milked with an EZ Milker. We’ve also used a NuPulse on her. She does very well with either one.

I keep good records, so for serious buyers I am happy to share more. If you scroll down, you can watch a series of quick videos I shot (please watch all of them in sequence--they're short), to show you how she acts in my milking parlor (remember, she’s dried off currently). I milk my first-time heifers using a side rail and a hobble, and sometimes a flank rope ready to be tightened should they start to fidget and lift their hind feet, but you can see in the videos Lacy Lou didn't fidget at all. Even though Lacy Lou is trained to milk, she needs to go to someone who is willing to continue my milking protocol (buy a side rail and hobbles). I think that when a cow is allowed to fidget with their feet, that’s what they learn. So for that reason, I practice prevention, even on my older cows. I want Lacy Lou to go to someone with the time and resources to further the care, expense, and time-consuming investment I’ve made to date.

And here are photos of her dam giving birth to her.

First, she’s groomed and sprayed with herbal fly spray.

You can see that we’re able to handle her udder without any objections.

Now, into the milking parlor she goes.

Her outside foot gets hobbled.

Her udder is cleaned and inspected (remember, she’s dried off).

Udder cream is applied.

Her hobble is removed.

My asking price is $3,290.

Please contact me via email, so we can set up a time to visit on the phone.

MaryJane Butters, author of Milk Cow Kitchen ~ striving for the stoicism of a cow standing in the rain ~


7060 Posts

Posted - Oct 24 2017 :  08:24:27 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
SOLD. Thanks to everyone who inquired along the way.

MaryJane Butters, author of Milk Cow Kitchen ~ striving for the stoicism of a cow standing in the rain ~
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