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 Blumenfeld Creamery Offers Local Jersey Cow Milk
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Posted - Jul 24 2017 :  10:09:38 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Author: Steven Sukkau/Susanne Allmendinger

A new creamery has opened in Blumenfeld and offers milk that comes from local Jersey cows. Owner Dan Reimer believes that milk should be processed as little as possible.

The creamery uses a low-temperature pasteurization method where the milk is heated to 63°C and then cooled back down. Reimer says that other creameries will heat the milk at a higher temperature for a shorter time in order to speed up the process.

Reimer also states his creamery is different from others because the milk is not homogenized, comes from local Jersey cows only, and is sold in reusable glass bottles.

“We don't homogenize our milk, so the cream still rises to the top.”
He also believes that because Jersey cows are smaller, they produce milk with smaller molecules, making it creamier. He has heard this could make it easier for lactose-intolerant people to digest milk.

Growing up on a dairy farm was the start of Reimer's passion for milk. He later bought his own Jersey cow to milk and noticed that many people enjoyed the taste.

“We bought ourselves a Jersey cow and started milking her for milk and cream, and a lot of people were just impressed with the milk, and we realized there was a huge demand for real milk,” he said.

Reimer says opening the creamery has been a long road, but ultimately a positive experience.

“We are not CFIA approved, we are provincially approved, so we've been dealing with Manitoba Agriculture. Their inspectors and everybody we've dealt with with them have been very reasonable ... it's been a positive experience,” he explained.

The creamery's milk is carried in Prairie Foods Plum Coulee, and is also used to make home-made ice cream at Charlie B's in Winker.

Further information about the creamery can be found on the business's Facebook page.


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Posted - Jul 24 2017 :  10:20:21 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Wahoo! Isn't this great? More people getting unadulterated wholesome Jersey milk and cream and products.

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Posted - Jul 24 2017 :  10:28:14 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
That is great that more people are realizing the benefit and goodness of fresh milk! I had to do a double take to this comment, "He also believes that because Jersey cows are smaller, they produce milk with smaller molecules, making it creamier. " Really? Is there scientific proof of that? There could be and I'm out to lunch ... but I have a difficult time thinking that the size of the cow reflects the size of the milk molecules.

But overall, its great to hear of another milk dairy and new farmers!

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