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T O P I C    R E V I E W
maryjane Posted - Nov 12 2019 : 2:30:20 PM
Check out this photo of a boy and his beloved Jersey? cow.
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NellieBelle Posted - Dec 03 2019 : 5:42:45 PM
Pretty cool! I know it would have been the highlight for me. I think I could live in a book store. Looks like they had a wonderful and memorable trip. We had 16 degrees a couple mornings ago but things have warmed up again. Our two steers that were processed were done and it took Joe and I an hour to put all the meat away. Enjoying the sunshine and warm temps while they last.
maryjane Posted - Dec 02 2019 : 10:19:35 PM
Such a sweet-faced Christmas cow and painted on old barn wood. What a great combination. Some people have all the talent.

It's warmed up a bit here. We got down to 15 a couple of nights--extra bedding straw for Miss Daisy and Buttercup.

Meg and Mia were in NYC for a week. Mia had been saving up for a mommy/daughter trip of her choice. She chose NYC.

On her last day there, they went to The Color Museum and then spent the rest of the day in a book store. Mia has her nose in a book constantly. Lately, she's been reading Shel Silverstein poetry, reading her favorites out loud to whoever is handy.

Meg said it was the highlight of her trip to be surrounded by several floors of books and then ship a box home to Idaho.

NellieBelle Posted - Nov 27 2019 : 07:15:32 AM
Good morning! (seen on fb) The storm hasn't been bad here. Perhaps it went further north. We have a skiff of snow and wind and that's about it. So not bad at all. Yes, need to think of something to bake today. Don't have really big meal planned as it's just Joe and I so don't need to overdo. Hope your Thanksgiving is a good one and all is well with everyone! Isn't that something, how Buttercup takes after her momma in the talking department. They are special animals for sure. I will have to start doing some work with Estella. I need more pens. :)
maryjane Posted - Nov 27 2019 : 04:56:00 AM
The wind is howling here this morning, but extreme weather hasn't been predicted for us. Hope what's coming your way, Janet, isn't too fierce. But then, you have a beautiful wood cook stove and bread to bake or maybe a raspberry pandowdy to warm your tummies.

Good news about Darla. Fingers crossed for Nellie.

The lovely Miss Daisy continues to give me a couple gallons/day with her last calf pregnant and going through parlor training. Buttercup lets me lock her head in now and doesn't flinch when I give her udder a good scrub. But the really neat thing? Buttercup "talks" to me just like Daisy does. Every time I walk by her she emits a tiny little sad/happy moan just like her momma. And of course I oblige by making the same sound back. It isn't a moo, just a bit of a sigh with some force behind it. Adorable.

Your red hibiscus is very pretty. I've been enjoying some happy yellow blooms.

The packing continues!
NellieBelle Posted - Nov 26 2019 : 10:28:54 AM
Good afternoon! Let me know how that all goes for you MaryJane. I keep telling Joe we need to have an auction and get rid of years of accumulation. Here at the farm and in town both. Things never seem to slow up here. Always so much to do, but feel good when a job gets done and move onto the next. Joe and I spent Sunday fixing and mending fence. Estella found a way out, twice, so we knew we had to find the spot and we believe we did plus more. I even took lunch up to the hill where we were working and we had a little picnic and then back at the fencing. Quite a day, but it's done. I went ahead an had Nellie AI'd. Darla's must have taken as she didn't come into heat again. Just the usual farm stuff. We're suppose to have a storm coming in. So I'm hunkered down and keeping the stove stoked and cuddling in for a couple of days. Just keeping the farm animal cozy and fed and waiting it out.
maryjane Posted - Nov 26 2019 : 04:59:30 AM
You'd think life in the fast lane would slow once you have your gardens, orchard, etc. tucked in for the winter, but I've turned my attentions to winter sorting projects, this time boxing up vintage items for a possible auction (I spoke with a local auctioneer and got the low-down). I'm boxing everything up and labeling it with a photo of the contents, then off to one of our mouse-proof storage containers the boxes go. Anyway, here's what I've been up to the last few days.

Victorian wash bowl and pitcher anyone??

NellieBelle Posted - Nov 16 2019 : 07:22:13 AM
I thank you! I will look into the downy woodpecker house from the link you shared. I started out with 20 guinea keets this spring and the Great Horned owls have me down to 6. Good eating evidently. I was up most of the night last night and heard him/her back again and shined my flashlight out the attic window. I still have 6 this morning so may have deterred his next meal. Yes, I thought of the girls when I came across the Let's Make Art site. Something different.
maryjane Posted - Nov 16 2019 : 06:54:50 AM
I think I saw Downy woodpecker houses also. Red Green theme--total fun. I come across that on PBS occasionally. Now it'll mean more.

The watercolor sets also have excellent tutorial videos the girls can watch. I might get Mia a giraffe and Alina the sticker paint-by-color of garden bugs. But Stella and Adria would love the Jersey cow. I'll ponder for a bit. Thank you, Janet!
NellieBelle Posted - Nov 16 2019 : 02:12:35 AM
How fun! Stella's theme and decorations, and I assume she will have some Pumpkin juice, Cauldron cake.... They will have a good time I'm sure. Theme parties are so much fun. I remember one of Colton's was a Red Green Party. We all dressed in flannel shirts, suspenders, and he did a lot of decorating with duct tape, red and green streamers, and a good time was had by all. I have a Downy woodpecker who has decided to use our house as his sounding board. I never can see quite where he is pecking, but we hear it in the house and when we go outside he naturally flies away. Love my birds but they can be pills.
maryjane Posted - Nov 15 2019 : 5:32:50 PM
Janet, this might be of interest to you. I patched the holes in my barn (a regular fall chore), but this year I also put up a flicker box, the idea being they go for walls beneath eves. Makes sense. Anyway, the box has a guard around the hole so they can't enlarge it and then you fill it with wood chips. It's large enough to hold a flicker. The reviews are good with most saying it works. I think I'll invest in a few more. Our little one-room schoolhouse is a riddled mess. Two more on my barn and one on the back of our farm store and four on our schoolhouse. All of our other buildings are metal clad.
maryjane Posted - Nov 15 2019 : 5:15:39 PM
Added it to my xmas gift list for all my grandgirls. Love it! You find the BEST things, Janet.

This weekend is Stella's sleep-over 13th b-day party w/a Harry Potter theme. She's been decorating for days, making most of the decor herself. Ha, she also cleaned more that usual.

NellieBelle Posted - Nov 15 2019 : 1:17:34 PM
Love the cow photo of the young boy and his cow. Endearing. And all of Charlene's cows and goat. And what is the saying about being warmed three times when getting and burning firewood. Quite a crew, and getting it done. I came across this and thought it was cute and a delightful way to spend a snowy day, something young folks may enjoy, working with watercolors and artwork. Have a lovely evening everyone!
maryjane Posted - Nov 15 2019 : 07:43:12 AM
We love driving by your farm Charlene, especially when your goats are on the run. Let's hope there's a Jackson in your future.
CloversMum Posted - Nov 15 2019 : 05:35:18 AM
Your grand girls are a treasure!

Happy Friday!
maryjane Posted - Nov 14 2019 : 1:22:23 PM
Such a handsome duo, not to mention the gorgeous backdrop. That O'Mally, he sure is a love muffin.

The upside to cutting down trees is all the firewood. A couple of days ago, my grandgirls had some music playing while they rock and rolled their way through just one of our wood piles.

Stella looked up and said, "We love being farmgirls, Nanny!" Mia said, "And we love you, Nanny."

What a heartache my grand girls are!!!!
CloversMum Posted - Nov 13 2019 : 12:48:11 PM

I was outside walking and visiting with the farm critters after Jack left and got this photo of Miss BlueBelle and Baby Ray. Couldn’t get O’Malley in the photo ‘cause he was over beside me wanting his head scratched! He’s got the softest coat and so fuzzy now.
CloversMum Posted - Nov 13 2019 : 06:22:40 AM
Both that cow and boy look equally relaxed. Love the relationships that humans can develop with animals and vice versa.

BlueBelle says hello!

You asked last week, MaryJane, when was BlueBelle due. I thought I would answer it here in this week’s conversation. BlueBelle was bred August 8th. I think that makes her due date May 13th. I’m excited to see what sort of calf BlueBelle produces! Of course I’d love a little heifer since the last few calves have been bull calves ... trying NOT to have the same track record as Janet! (Wouldn’t want to compete!) I’ve not heard of anyone else having as many bull calves as Nellie has given Janet.

One of our bucks leaves for a new home today. Jack is a purebred pooled Oberhasli goat. His original owner contacted me earlier this fall asking if he could buy him back! He needs his genetics as he rebuilds his goat herd. So after using Jack to breed several of my does, he gets to return to his birthplace. I wonder if he will recognize it. So for the first time, I’m really hoping for a few little bucklings next spring as I’d like to keep some of Jack’s genetics in my own herd as well. And of course the buckling would be named “Jackson”!

This is Jack: