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T O P I C    R E V I E W
txbikergirl Posted - Oct 27 2015 : 1:54:21 PM
Thought I would start a post dedicated to Buck's Udderly EZ "Ultimate EZ Milker" as I know several of us are using it and are dedicated fans. I am going to post my thoughts as a newbie in a bit, now that I have more experience under my belt. But if we all have any questions, concerns or comments we could focus them here.

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maryjane Posted - Aug 21 2018 : 11:43:19 AM
It was on a past thread but not in a designated place. 'Tis now.

Also, here's a discussion about bottle brushes and the one Cindy prefers over the plastic ones I mentioned.
CloversMum Posted - Aug 21 2018 : 09:37:39 AM
Thank you for the link, MaryJane, for your bottle brush. I just ordered one. Also I second the request to see your set up for bottle drying!
farmlife Posted - Aug 21 2018 : 09:30:14 AM
I think we would all love to see your system for drying bottles, MaryJane.
maryjane Posted - Aug 21 2018 : 06:09:33 AM
Extra bottles on hand for sure. I have Buck's solar power unit if anyone is interested in purchasing it. I just don't have a safe place for it to charge near my parlor that is away from the cows (no doubt they'd put a foot or something through the solar panel that's on the front of it). Besides, I'd probably get out my generator should our electricity go out. The other thing I like are these brushes for cleaning the bottles:
They last a long time if you take care when pushing and pulling them from the bottles. We use them until the bristles are worn way down.

I also rigged up a system for drying the bottles if anyone is interested. Let me know.
CloversMum Posted - Aug 20 2018 : 8:54:35 PM
Extra bottles (I ran out this spring as they are NOT dishwasher proof and some helpful family member washed all of them in the dishwasher so they melted just enough that the neck would not screw down tight to the inflation part. I had to place an emergency call to MaryJane, over the ridge, and she kindly gave me two bottles to get me by until my order came through.) and extra spare parts! Extra hoses and especially clamps! And an extra "y-splitter" - the white plastic "y" that connects the tubing from the inflation tubes to the tubing to the pump. I have the adapter to make it able to milk all four teats at once; however, I do not use it on my cows as its hard enough to keep up with emptying just two bottles, let along, four. I've ordered the bottle brush twice now and both times it has broken fairly quickly and it rusts easily. I just have the standard inflations and they work great with my cows. Love my milking machine and it works great with my cows and goats, used on both every single day.
farmlife Posted - Aug 20 2018 : 8:29:04 PM
So I am looking into a Ultimate EZ milker and see that Buck now has a battery operated bucket milker as well. The man's ideas never cease!

For all of you that have the Ultimate EZ, what are the add-ons you have that make things easier from the get go as far as milking cows? Bottle brush, extra bottles, large inflations, etc?
GingerBKelly Posted - Oct 27 2016 : 11:04:53 AM
Buck, Paddy Cakes is such a cutie! Thanks for sharing your video with us. I can't want to show my husband, Ken. This will help us to learn more.

You mentioned that you used the smaller silicone inflations on your miniature Jersey in the back and that you use the larger one(s) on the front. Currently, the larger silicone inflation is working (using only one at a time, so far), on our miniature jersey. If we need a smaller size, I'll order them.

Question: #1. How does a person "size" their cow's teats, so as to know what size inflation to use?

Anyhow, we still need lots of practice. We all (Ken, myself and cow included) have a big learning curve to overcome. I think we are the first in our area to try to keep a backyard cow and to milk a miniature Jersey.

Here is a photo of us with our first milk, extracted this using the Udderly EZ Milker about a month or so ago. Ken has "dairy" hair. We laugh about this. Thanks for all you do, Buck. Your products are a big help to us.

GingerBKelly Posted - Oct 19 2016 : 06:44:27 AM
Great information, Buck. Thank you. I was curious about the Stabilizer. And I can't wait for the new and improved silicone inflations to come in. Please, keep us posted. Sunday we ordered a few things from your website and I can't wait to get them in and improve our little dairy operation. We love your ideas, videos, talks and products! Thanks for helping homestead dairy people like us. We need you!
Buck Posted - Oct 19 2016 : 06:06:04 AM
Originally posted by maryjane

Thanks so much Buck. I ordered your wire carrier last week. LOVE it! It's so well made.

Thanks MJ,

I ordered a pallet of them (225)and went up to the Mfg. in Pa. to make sure
that the Qt. Glass bottles would fit in them also, they are make out of Stainless Steel, and the handles are Hardwood, so they will be around for awhile. We are now shipping our Solar units over the Abu Dhabi, Dubai and along with both the hand and electric milkers.
Buck Posted - Oct 19 2016 : 05:57:46 AM
Hi Ginger,

Sorry I didn't answer your questions. No The Stableizer will not work on a cow, because their lip does not lift up like a horse's does. The middle of their top lip is attached to their gum, so there isn't any or enough surface for the plastic tube that encases the cord to fit properly under the lip.

As for the new improved Silicone Inflations, They probably won't be ready until around the end of Dec??? We are going down to Weatherford Texas where the company is that will be making them for us as soon as they are ready for production and will be filming and taking pictures for an upcoming story of the whole process of when I got the first idea to start this venture. I will notify "Ya All", once they become available and that may be a good time to pick up a couple of the #2 extractor tubes with the new adapter glued on to prevent the air hose from falling off?
maryjane Posted - Oct 18 2016 : 11:11:21 AM
Thanks so much Buck. I ordered your wire carrier last week. LOVE it! It's so well made.
NellieBelle Posted - Oct 18 2016 : 10:12:30 AM
Hello Buck. So thrilled with the updates, improvements and new items. I for one have had trouble with the ends of the silicone tubing so the new addition (extension) on the ends will be nice. Thanks for the link to your new video. Look forward to doing more business in the future. Thanks so much!!
Buck Posted - Oct 18 2016 : 09:21:58 AM
Hello Everyone,

Buck Wheeler here and we just finished our new complete Ultimate Ez Video, starring "Paddy Cake" As you will see I go over everything that we are adding to our line or improving upon, as I do listen to our clients, and am really excited about our new Silicone Inflations that will be made here in the USA.
We have added an extra size being the large, which will accommodate Large draft mares, camels, and those big teats on the cows, and goats.
Our new bottle holders is almost a must, as I have probably dumped over more than one bottle while milking and then Karen has to clean out all the air hoses and the catch jar which doesn't make her too happy!

I know that the ends of the silicone tubing becomes soft and enlarged after much use, so I decided to do something about it and I will upload a picture and it is on the video also, we are attaching a special adapter to the little extension that the air hose now goes onto, and it is glued on with a special JB Weld for plastics and will not come off. They will be white in color. For those of you who did not get one of those 66" Stainless brushes when you purchased your milker they also are now available.

one other improvement we made is when you unscrew the bottles off the extractor tube to dump the milk I noticed that the milk was gathering in the threads, so we extended the overall length by 3/4 of an inch to eliminate that problem. If there are any other comments or observations please let me know, and for those of you with you first cow or first timers, I just want you to know, I grew up on a very large farm/ranch in N.Dak and my dying wish I would never milk another cow as long as I lived!! The Ultimate Ez evolved out of that experience and I can guarantee you, that if there were even a remote chance that any harm or mishaps that were to befall Paddy Cake, she would never have had it on her, she has been milked with it for over 3 years now.

Here's the link FYI to the new video on our site; This is Paddy Cakes last chance at stardom as she and her beautiful BuckARoo are up for sale. I am just too busy and I am going to vet her new owners because she is such a very special cow/person and she is back with calf to MJ's wonderful herd sire," Hansom Sampson" as I call him. If I may be of any further help do now hesitate to contact me, and yes you may use my cell phone! 507-213-2126

Thanks, Buck
GingerBKelly Posted - Oct 17 2016 : 10:31:18 AM
Question to Buck Wheeler - are the new longer inflation tubes sold with the Ultimate EZ milker at this time? Another question, have you ever used the Stabilizer training system on a cow? I was just watching the video on your website and was wondering if this would work on a cow, if need be?
txbikergirl Posted - Oct 02 2016 : 2:30:28 PM
i am here ladies but late to the party, out of town on work for a week.

buck, the big question is - is miss paddy cake in milk right now? how much milk per day? and whats her genetics? naturally polled, a2/a2, full jersey, etc... she is a bit smaller than what i am looking for, but top priority is a healthy cow so i am willing to compromise on a few things like size...
GingerBKelly Posted - Sep 26 2016 : 08:58:59 AM
Wow is right! Thanks folks. I am so happy you share your ideas. Making a workplace better and fun makes me so happy. I'm really thankful for ya'll sharing ideas and tips. Buck Wheeler- Patty Cake is a beauty and I love your photos. Thank you.
maryjane Posted - Sep 26 2016 : 08:26:01 AM
Wow, Buck. I just want to say what good hands we're in with you at the helm. Hours and hours and hours of your time to our benefit. Thank you doesn't quite convey how I feel about you and my EZ:)
Buck Posted - Sep 26 2016 : 08:16:41 AM

Thanks MaryJane for the comments, and all your concerns have been answered! I saw the same things that you mentioned, I have extended the length of the inflation to go past the threads, as I saw the same problem, when you unscrewed the bottle from the extractor tube, I didn't like the dripping all over the place either! The colored inflations you see, were the prototypes I have used for 3 months and milked every size teat I could think of???

Have included some more pictures to show how I tested them, and I think everyone will be very surprised as to the new function of the inflations, I spent one whole day with the head engineer at Jamak Corp in Weatherford, Tx. to help get it right, as none of them knew how to spell cow, milking or anything else.

After receiving the proto's and using them I readjusted all 3 of them so I hope I have it right now??
I made the flare different for each size to just 3/8 inches aboue the air intake hole so what you mentioned will never be a problem again!! Thanks, we'll talk soon.
maryjane Posted - Sep 26 2016 : 07:18:16 AM
Buck, I have an inflation suggestion if it's not too late.

On the small inflation it goes down into the outer sheath further, tapers, and is more narrow but thicker at the bottom (thicker silicone with ridges). That ensures there's always room for the air flow to create suction. When I use the bigger inflation, I've had it get sucked to the side of the sheath because the silicone is more flexible at the bottom (no ridges) and not as long. I hope that makes sense. In other words, I like the functionality of the smaller one better than the larger one. And I like the idea of three sizes!

Also on the smaller one that is longer and more rigid at the bottom, the milk as it's coming out goes all the way down into the bottle rather than hitting the lip on the neck of the bottle, making things more messy when you're switching bottles. Not a biggy but more spills and drips everywhere to clean up.
maryjane Posted - Sep 26 2016 : 06:44:34 AM
Thanks for the update Buck and photos of the lovely Paddy Cake and calf. You'll like this photo I took yesterday. We had a first-time heifer who was having issues with let-down but I do believe I have it licked because the quantity of milk continues upward. Anyway, one of the things that's working is to keep her flow coming by using four EZ bottles at once. The front two have the large inflations, the back two the small. Her milk just pours into them!

Thank you again for all your hard work and for giving us such a great machine to use.
NellieBelle Posted - Sep 26 2016 : 04:00:53 AM
Great entry Buck! Patty Cake and calf make for handsome pair. Yes, Keeley, I was thinking the same thing. Miss Cindy will be in a quandary.
farmlife Posted - Sep 25 2016 : 8:57:35 PM
Again, Cindy are you reading this? Cows are falling out of the sky right now near Texas!
Buck Posted - Sep 25 2016 : 7:47:37 PM
Sept 25th, 2016 Lexington, Ky
Hello Everyone!
I think that this is my first entry, and first off I want to thank MJB and all of you using my Ultimate Ez and Udderly Ez Milkers. I read with great interest how many of you have been using my Milkers. We have been very busy this past year and have shipped a great deal to the Middle East, Europe and really all over the world.

Paddy Cake did have her bull calf on May 28th of this year and he was such an outstanding individual I called MJ and ordered two more straws and my Thoroughbred Vet. has done an excellent job as he impregnated her on the first go around both times so she is pregnant again to "Hansom Sampson" as I call him.

I have seen a need of doing a video for the many first timers in the business so when I saw her start pacing in her paddock I gave her a bath and brought her into our Mare Foaling Stall to deliver. As soon as I can get to it, I will edit the Video as I have everything from the first contraction to the calving delivery itself to milking out the colostrum, paint his naval and the whole 9 yards, it will probably wind up about 13 minutes or so.

We just finished a video of doing a complete milking with the Ultimate Ez , on Paddy Cake and full explanation of setting up the unit and the whole process. On another front I am happy to report that by Dec we should have our new Silicone Inflations made here in the USA. Texas to be exact, and they will be in 3 sizes, & will even fit the Camels, and big teated Cows, Goats and Mares. I will try and upload some pictures of Paddy and her calf. If I May be of any help to anyone please do not hesitate to contact me, my cell is the best. 507 213 2126 We have upgraded the hand milker this year also. If any one is interested or has a friend that is Paddy Cake and calf are for sale, she is bred back, I am just to busy with the business and sold my horses also, awfully hard to do..............
Regards, Buck Wheeler

txbikergirl Posted - Mar 04 2016 : 5:45:22 PM
the funny thing charlene is that i have been having a premature sense of loss for my EZ Milker this week ;> once the duchess decides to comply with the drying off process i will have to put the EZ aside for a few months. this little machine and accompanying milk bottles is like my little morning friend, its just there and does a job efficiently and makes my life so simple. i will actually miss the little machine. but it gets a well earned 60 day vacation, to rest up and come back to work twice as hard with a new momma in milk.
CloversMum Posted - Mar 04 2016 : 5:19:48 PM
And, we don't have the IKEA rolling cart yet ... no sense to do that without a barn for the cows at the moment. I'm concerned that the brass Y connector would be too heavy and easily fall to the ground, getting dirty and risking contamination. But after those IKEA carts arrive ... then brass connectors might be the way!