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T O P I C    R E V I E W
maryjane Posted - Jul 07 2015 : 10:42:08 AM
This morning when I went out to feed at 6 a.m., Sally O'Mally wasn't her usual self--she stood back and was licking her calf intently (she usually loves food more). Last night she was her usual self because my husband and I sat down in the pasture in the shade waiting for Ester Lily to finish her evening bottle. Both Sally and Daisy came up to us to be petted, etc.

Anyway, this morning when I started milking her, everything seemed like it always does (I did the California Mastitis Test right after I stripped her and it was good--not at all gelled) but then towards the end of getting her milked, two of her quarters didn't empty (shrink up) so I touched them and found a huge hard ball in both the quarters on her right side (the side baby doesn't nurse on) that I didn't see before I milked her. I gave her a load of Vit. C and massaged both quarters and tried to get more milk out. I got enough to run another CM test. Nothing gelled again so this time I created a fresh batch of diluted solution and did the test a 3rd time. Still clear and very empty of milk at this point. But here's how she looked right after milking. Usually all four quarters are empty looking and the same size.

And this is her right side with the lumps.

This is a pic from her left side. You can see that both quarters on that side are empty.

I've called both Vet clinics that I work with and no one is available at the moment. I'll keep trying. I'm puzzled because I would think any kind of infection would show up in the CM Test or the milk I extracted would be yellow or gelatinous. None of that. The milk was perfectly normal.
25   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
CloversMum Posted - Dec 15 2015 : 1:24:13 PM
Well, the report is in ... the Arnica Salve is good for human finger tendons too! :-) My finger is healing well and I don't need surgery!! I am brace free during the day (unless doing outside farm chores) but will splint my finger joint at night. When I do I will continue using the Arnica Salve. Very good stuff!

Still waiting for my liniment and post milk dip... Would love to hear how you like it, MaryJane.
maryjane Posted - Dec 15 2015 : 08:48:09 AM
My order of liniment is supposed to arrive today. I've been using her Arnica salve and love it.
CloversMum Posted - Dec 14 2015 : 9:55:53 PM
Confirmation of success! Way to go!!
txbikergirl Posted - Dec 14 2015 : 6:40:26 PM
i hadn't let lover boy in on my liniment use and massaging. so upon my first day back milking he was in the parlor with me, and mentioned that the right rear quarter was completely better - mass all gone! he had noticed by himself and just thought it happened magically. it was rewarding to know he realized it to, as he has only milked two times before i left so wasn't as familiar with the udder details ;>
Andrea0509 Posted - Dec 13 2015 : 1:50:23 PM
Thanks for sharing your update on Sally's mass Cindy. I'm glad that the massaging and Dr. Sarah's liniment helped clear it up. I love gleaning these bits of knowledge to file away for later! :)
CloversMum Posted - Dec 13 2015 : 07:51:39 AM
Way to go, Cindy and great news for Sally!

Off to look at another one of Dr. Sarah's products.
txbikergirl Posted - Dec 13 2015 : 07:01:14 AM
i wanted to let you know mary jane that all of the hard mass inside the rear right udder is gone. GONE. i started massaging it daily for 2-3 minutes post milking with dr sarah's "protect her" liniment oil around Thanksgiving. i noticed a drastic reduction in three days, and after seven days that quarter felt the same as the others - no more hard scare tissue like mass inside. it was amazing. i truly felt so good about this experience, as my diligence and observation here has made a significant difference in something for sally.

i am sure a big part of it was just consistently massaging it, but i know a big part was also the liniment as i had been actively massaging it daily for two months since i got her as every day when i milk i milked that quarter last and all by itself so i could focus and massage on that quarter. and there was NEVER a difference... until now. so good ole essential oil liniment just like the old days.

here's the info on this product:

Protect - Her

Protect-Her helps with mastitis, cracked teats, chapped teats and in preventing frozen teats. It can also help with infections and inflammation not only on teats, but also swollen legs or any other injury or infections. It is an Essential Oil liniment for skin absorption.

Ingredients: Castor Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Safflower Oil. Essential oils of: Camphor, Cinnamon, Clove Bud, Eucalyptus, Ginger, Oregano, Peppermint, Pine Needle, Rosemary, Sage, Tea Tree, Thyme and Wintergreen. Vitamin E Oil.

Directions: Rub for 1-2 minutes on inflamed or infection udders, swollen legs or any other injury or infections.
txbikergirl Posted - Nov 28 2015 : 08:23:14 AM
thanks mary jane. about once a week i forget to do the CMT, but other than that i do it every day. i am honestly afraid if i do it less that i'll forget when i have/havent' done it ;> also afraid the human might do something wrong and don't want her coming down with mastitis and me not knowing. i think when i get more experienced i could drop back to every 2 days or so... but i learned at the master's feet and can't mess with the process!
maryjane Posted - Nov 27 2015 : 04:17:02 AM
Love your detailed updates, Cindy. Honestly, I don't think Sally can get mastitis. You might consider doing a CMT every other day or twice/week. Both Miss Daisy and Fanci gel a cup every now and then. (Looking forward to trying Mastoblast in addition to Ester-C on them when that happens.) Never Sally, not even once.
txbikergirl Posted - Nov 26 2015 : 4:28:46 PM
mary jane, i was just rereading this thread as EVERY morning when i milk miss sally i over analyze her right rear udder ;> its the only one with a small scar tissue like mass inside, and i am constantly really massaging and working it to make sure that it is exactly the same and nothing is bigger or different. and that i get it completely empty.

she's really a joy to milk, and all the CMT are always clear. thanks for this wonderful cow! we just put her and elsa up for the night, total cow love in texas.
CloversMum Posted - Jul 11 2015 : 10:06:22 PM
Sally O'Mally's tail is beautiful in the first photo MaryJane posted on July 10 ... obviously, it is brushed often and it shows! Beautiful.

Is she still being milked twice a day? Or have you been able to go back to once a day milking with Elsa nursing all four quarters now?
txbikergirl Posted - Jul 11 2015 : 9:55:00 PM
this is her third calf. i am keeping track of that girl!
farmlife Posted - Jul 11 2015 : 10:36:48 AM
This may be totally unrelated, but how many times has Sally O'Mally calved? Elli had a lot of swelling in the first month or so after she calved. I was so grateful a friend told us that she needed to be a twice a day milker fairly early on or I think it could have been disastrous for her to be with the newbie cow people. I'm still in awe of how much her udder changes day to day. I'll be on the lookout for craziness like this.
txbikergirl Posted - Jul 10 2015 : 11:15:05 PM
beautiful and wonderful mary jane, thanks for the update. miss sally o'mally is lucky to have such great care! see you wednesday!
Ron Posted - Jul 10 2015 : 6:19:55 PM
Another good day on the farm :)
NellieBelle Posted - Jul 10 2015 : 2:59:40 PM
That is really good news! Beautiful photos.
maryjane Posted - Jul 10 2015 : 1:37:41 PM
I'm happy to report that Sally O'Mally's udder lumps are almost gone. The extra milking/day was just the ticket. Elsa is now nursing on all four quarters and all seems well.

Concerned even while nursing.

CloversMum Posted - Jul 08 2015 : 12:02:44 PM
I appreciate all the problem-solving help on this chat room and look forward to using all this wisdom and knowledge even more after Clover calves.

So glad to hear Sally is doing better! She thought she had a good thing going ... treats every time she gets milked so more milking was fine by her! It amazes me how fast an udder issue can crop up. I was just watching Sally be milked a few days ago and her udder was perfect looking. I do appreciate your carefulness and thoroughness, MaryJane.
NellieBelle Posted - Jul 08 2015 : 09:14:15 AM
Oh good to hear she is on the mend. So dear to our hearts it's hard to hear when there is a problem. So onward and forward and next, Sally O'Mally/Cindy greeting, meeting and learning the ins and outs, so to speak. Thank you for the update and good news.
maryjane Posted - Jul 08 2015 : 08:56:49 AM
Just in from milking. Sally is definitely on the mend and since I'd milked her last night, Elsa had nursed on the swollen side during the night, front quarter. All is well. Actually, Elsa isn't too much into head butting like I've seen other calves do. I'll continue to milk in the evenings until the lumps are gone. No fever. No discolored/gelatinous milk, negative CM Test. Sally is being very sweet. But now that I tossed in an extra milking she got to wondering, maybe I was game again right after I'd milked her. Ten minutes later she was standing by the gate of the milking parlor with those beseeching eyes of hers.
txbikergirl Posted - Jul 08 2015 : 08:32:09 AM
Sending get well wishes to miss sally o'mally and strength and tenacity to mary jane! Sounds like you are sssoooo on top of it mj, our girl is in the best hands possible.
NellieBelle Posted - Jul 08 2015 : 08:05:57 AM
Hope Sally O'Mally is looking better this day. Please give update when you have time. We love our cows and like to know how they're doing. :)
Mike Posted - Jul 07 2015 : 7:40:58 PM
That's it Ron......knew I'd seen it in the past. One of our foster moms (Angus) had what looked like baseballs in two quarters...... it was calf abuse! Thanks.
Ron Posted - Jul 07 2015 : 5:47:10 PM
Seen it on range cows with calfs..look in more like the calf getting check always good...assume you checked Her temp?
NellieBelle Posted - Jul 07 2015 : 4:10:49 PM
Well, I sure hope Sally O'Mally heals up quickly and things don't get worse. How fun, making little balls for Jasper to play with. When I made the first one I sewed it wrong and it had points, Lol, but they still play with it. So then I did another and sewed it the way it was supposed to be and it turned out just round as could be. Hope they have fun.