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T O P I C    R E V I E W
mszabo Posted - Mar 28 2015 : 09:43:16 AM
Does anyone know what beta casein type A2B is??

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maryjane Posted - Aug 27 2015 : 12:02:00 AM
I think it's fading because the science behind it isn't holding up to scrutiny, especially in other countries like Australia. Also, the a2 patent is being challenged and there's concerning disarray within the ranks of the a2 corporation. At this point it seems like it was more about marketing than science. I especially started to think that when I found out that the founder of the a2 corporation has a long history of trying this and that, filing for quite a few patents over the years. Prior to his discovery of the a2 concept, he'd filed a patent for a cholesterol-free process (sketchy science similar to high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oil) so that foods could be sold as "cholesterol-free." In other words, your beloved butter would be put through his lab process and marketed as cholesterol-free. That doesn't strike me as a concept originating with someone who is concerned about health per se or at all. Had he been successful in that endeavor do you think he would have then tried a2 as a business endeavor? I'm concerned that a whole lotta beloved cows are being thought of as inferior because of it. I'm 62 and healthy. I was raised on A1 milk (my uncle's dairy was comprised of "black and white" cows) and I drink A1 milk presently or a mix of A1 and A2 depending on who I'm milking and I've never yet detected a difference in my health. According to the book "Devil in the Milk," I should be dead or gravely ill by now. So in an anecdotal sense, it doesn't hold true for me. If someone believes that A2 milk is the answer for them, I'm on board with that. I have a friend who swears by turmeric and believes it will cure everyone of anything. I think for him it's true because he believes it and it works for him. I just think I'm going to be happier and consequently healthier in the long run if I advocate for "either or" cows rather than A2 milk.
GingerBKelly Posted - Aug 24 2015 : 10:02:06 AM
Oh Wow, Shimmer is adorable! I want to kiss her too! This is a great topic. Maryjane, why do you think that A2 is a fad and that it may be fading?
farmlife Posted - Mar 31 2015 : 6:01:52 PM
Perfect decision! It suits her.
CloversMum Posted - Mar 30 2015 : 8:52:39 PM
Love your new sweet cow and love her sweet name! I think the name really suits her...and I was thinking that she already has such a pretty halter that matches both! What fun! She looks petite and just darling. Thanks for sharing pictures...and your joy with all of us!
mszabo Posted - Mar 30 2015 : 8:47:44 PM
Aww thank you Mary Jane! She is almost 5 months old. :) She is such a sweet little girl.. we feel so blessed. :)
maryjane Posted - Mar 30 2015 : 8:23:08 PM
Oh my. Is that name not totally adorable? Lil Miss Shimmer Rose. I should let you name my cows. How old is your precious new girl? Also, it looks to me like she has a halter already to match her special name.
mszabo Posted - Mar 30 2015 : 8:17:08 PM
Thank you everyone! My husband has given in lol, and is letting me officially name her 'Lil' Miss Shimmer Rose'.. gotta go all out right!? ;) (I told him he can name the little future bulls lol).
farmlife Posted - Mar 30 2015 : 7:39:59 PM
She is so beautiful, and shimmer does seem to fit her, but it doesn't really lend itself too well to a nickname, does it? What do I know, though, my cow's name is Elliot.
Ron Posted - Mar 30 2015 : 3:12:04 PM
Please hold me back. I want to kiss that cow! She is wonderfull...and Shimmer is cool....She shines!
maryjane Posted - Mar 30 2015 : 2:26:01 PM
We so know what you mean when you say, "We're so IN LOVE with this little girl." Lucky you. Lucky her. She's adorable and then some. Give her a kiss for me.
NellieBelle Posted - Mar 30 2015 : 1:31:59 PM
What a pretty little girl. Shimmer suits her, but I'm not getting into the middle of anything. She has such bright eyes. I'm in love, and she's not even mine. Oh thank you for sharing your photo of your new girl!
mszabo Posted - Mar 30 2015 : 1:23:34 PM
Okay, here's our new little Jersey Girl #1! Her registered name is Shimmer.. I like it, but hubby doesn't.. so we may or may not change it.. We're so IN LOVE with this little girl. :)
CloversMum Posted - Mar 28 2015 : 9:15:05 PM
Ron, I bet you could start a fad with "A4" milk!
Ron Posted - Mar 28 2015 : 4:38:21 PM
See. That's the beautiful girl mind. The man mind can't even spell ambulance ....or watever thst word is. 😄
NellieBelle Posted - Mar 28 2015 : 3:38:17 PM
Don't forget the ambiance that goes with getting the milk Ron. ;)
Ron Posted - Mar 28 2015 : 3:29:18 PM
I feel like a rodeo clown most days up here Megan. Good luck with the cows. Whatever you end up with will be a good cow. After all, it's all about a glass of milk.
mszabo Posted - Mar 28 2015 : 3:03:31 PM
I absolutely will share pictures! Love the humor in this forum- you guys are great!! :D
Ron Posted - Mar 28 2015 : 2:59:44 PM
Megan, as they say in the inner city where I was be cool. Lol...

Think I am gonna start my own trend. Got my A2 cow gonna breed to the A2 bull and get an A4's that for smart ( alecky ) MJ... 😊
NellieBelle Posted - Mar 28 2015 : 2:50:32 PM
Well, whatever they end up being, I hope you share pictures of your new bovine family with us all.
mszabo Posted - Mar 28 2015 : 2:32:10 PM
Thank you Mary Jane!.. and Ron!! :)

Sorry to make things confusing.. I just sent you another email Mary Jane! :p
maryjane Posted - Mar 28 2015 : 2:10:14 PM
It's the A1 milk I drink:) How's that for smart (alecky)? Megan also wrote me an email. Sure hope I was of help somehow.
Ron Posted - Mar 28 2015 : 1:59:41 PM
Did you guys hear that swoosh noise? That was the sound of all the intelligent stuff going over my head. Lol..

Mary Jane you are so darn smart. I think you have forgot stuff I am still trying to learn. Lol..😊
maryjane Posted - Mar 28 2015 : 1:38:52 PM
Megan, I should add that I think Samson could be classified (marketed) as A2B, if that's of any help. I'm hoping you bring home all three!
maryjane Posted - Mar 28 2015 : 12:59:35 PM
It's all very confusing, perhaps intentionally so. I think A2A2 is the trademark version of A2 (Beta Casein). More than 95% of cow milk proteins are constituted by caseins and whey proteins. Among the caseins, beta casein is the second most abundant protein and has an excellent nutritional balance of amino acids. Different mutations in the bovine beta casein gene thousands of years ago led to 12 genetic variants and out of these A1 and A2 are the most common. It's kind of like human blood types that can be tracked back historically to certain locations, like the Fertile Crescent. Some are more common than others.

In bovines, I think the B refers to Beta Lactoglobulin B as opposed to Kappa Casein A.

I had Samson tested for Kappa Casein (A) and Beta Lactoglobulin (B).

Kappa Casein is protein yield and percentage protein and is associated with higher milk production.

Beta Lactoglobulin is associated with increased casein and fat content and is favorable for cheese production.

It seems to me it's a function of everyone trying to get an edge on the marketing of animals and in the case of A2A2 Corporation, the marketing of milk. Coming up? The marketing of all 12 genetic variants. If it were me, I'd ask the people "selling" or promoting that to explain it to you.

I wouldn't walk away from what seems like a great cow just because it isn't A2 or A1A2. Down the road, you can always take a great A1 cow (udder/teats, temperament, good mothering instincts, etc.) and within three generations have A2A2. Besides, the A2 fad is fading.
mszabo Posted - Mar 28 2015 : 11:57:47 AM
Hi Mary Jane!

We found an A2A2 calf that we are picking up tomorrow, and happened across a milk cow with calf that seems like a great cow overall, but they do not know her beta casein type. They only know that her sire is A2B.. Zuma from Select Sires. We don't have to have A2A2, but we would like to try and at least get an A1A2, so I'm trying to figure out if this cow would be a good fit for us.. to buy, and then test her and her calf when we get her. I asked to get her tested, but they said they can, but she will be sold before they get the results back. Everything else seems great- she's a wonderful mother, very friendly and easy going at the milking stand, and will let other calves nurse. Her udder also looks pretty good to me.. she is out of Ohio State's ATI dairy herd. Would love to get your opinion on her!!

Thanks Mary Jane!
Megan :)